June 06th, 2016

2 Months Before your move

  • Create a file or binder for moving: Download and print our moving checklist, add a notepad, and keep all of your estimates, receipts, and inventory list in one place.
  • Research moving companies: Go online, talk to your friends and family, and get ready for visits from the movers as they create estimates. Get each estimate in writing.
  • Start student transfers: Visit your kids’ school to have their student records transferred to the new school district.
  • Organize your stuff to sell, donate, throw away, or keep: You’ll be doing this up to the final days, but create a dedicated area and start making a donation pile, now.

6 weeks before your move

  • Buy your supplies: You’ll need markers labels, tape, bubble wrap, specialty boxes for dishes, a box cutter, and maybe blankets and furniture wrap, too.
  • Schedule time off for moving day: Or make it two days, if you prefer. But get your time-off request in early to ensure it’s approved.
  • Measure twice, move once: Take note of furniture sizes and room dimensions to avoid damage to your doors and figure out where everything goes before it gets there.

1 month before your move

  • Confirm your moving day: Reach out to your movers (or your friends) to confirm the date and the costs. This is a good time to plan for tips or refreshments, too.
  • Submit your change-of-address form: Visit USPS.com, or drop by your local post office and fill out the change-of-address form.
  • Contact your utility companies: Schedule your service changes early. Try to overlap connections by a day or two so you have electricity, water, and connectivity in both your old home and your new one. U-verse customers can schedule their move right now at att.com/move.
  • Start packing: Begin with the things you aren’t using, and label the sides of every box for easy drop-off and unpacking. For any special items, add a value estimate to your inventory list.
  • Create a first-day box: Provide easy access to the things you’ll need first: charging cords, travel supplies (like your toothbrush, toilet paper, and daily medications), a box cutter, and garbage bags. Add a bare-bones kitchen set for simple cooking.

2 weeks before your move

  • Finish your notifications: Give your new address and phone number to your human resources department and manager. Forward your medical records to your new doctor. Transfer your magazine subscriptions. Update your credit card and insurance details.
  • Get your car ready, too: Especially if you’re traveling a long way to your new home, bring your car in for a tune-up and a tire check.
  • Update your bank: Order new checks, and transfer your safety deposit box contents to your new local bank.
  • Schedule donation pickup: Your donations should be out of your way a few days before you move. If you’re getting rid of electronics, you’ll find specialty services for safe handling and recycling.
  • Reduce your food supplies: Toss any pantry items more than six months old. Get rid of stale spices. Cook and use what’s in your freezer, and reduce your stock of fresh food. If you’re not eating it, don’t move it; donate it!

1 week before your move

  • Prepare your new home: Stop by the new place and set up the bathroom with a shower curtain, towels, and toiletries. Bring sponges, towels, and dish soap for the kitchen.
  • Transfer and refill your prescriptions: Set up your new pharmacy information, and make sure you’ve got medications for the next two weeks to a month.
  • Use those suitcases: Think of your first few days in your new home as travel time. Pack a few sets of clothes so you aren’t hunting through boxes when you move in.
  • Take a break and catch up on your DVR recordings: If you’re already with U-verse TV, your recordings will move with you. Even so, you can’t spend all of your time packing!

A few days before your move

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